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Astrodrama Summer Retreat with John Wadsworth


About this workshop: (EXAMPLE)

Plant Spirit Immersion – a day for deep connection with the plants

Plants offer us so many healing gifts. Join me to explore your connection with the plants growing around us, to learn how to open to a deeper intuitive communication with the plant spirits.

We will spend time out with the trees and wild plants around us. You’ll learn how to conduct your own plant study, to entwine with the plant’s energy, to open your heart to the essence of the plant and its healing qualities. We’ll journey to meet the spirit of the plant and ask for guidance and wisdom.

The day will include a sensory session with herbal teas and tinctures to expand your experience further, helping you to get to know the plants on many levels.

We will be doing a shamanic drumming journey to meet the plant. If you haven’t yet done a journey you are welcome to contact me and we can do an introductory session (by zoom) together before the workshop. This is not a pre-requisite however.

You will also need to bring:

• waterproof cushion/blanket to sit on outside

• waterproof rainwear if wet

• note book/sketch pad, pencil/pen and coloured crayons

• a token or gift for your plant (could be a little bead or crafted token you have made, or a little stone, something you find 


*NB this content is the same for both workshop days (4th June & 13th August)

Venue: Avalon Permaculture Garden.

Day of arrival & start/finish times: 10am-4.30pm

Please see here for accommodation and other details.

Cost: £90 includes teas and home-made cake please bring lunch to share.


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Medical Herbalist, MNIMH; Plant Spirit Healer

“I work with plants in many ways, using them in my healing practice but also creating a deeper communication between people, plants and the spirit of our land. The song of the plants fills my heart with joy.”

I have worked as a Medical Herbalist with clients since 2005 and with Neal’s Yard Remedies as a herbal technical consultant, teaching Herbal Medicine courses, and co-author of their book ‘Complete Wellbeing’.

I am a Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner, expanding my healing with plants work to deeper depths. I enjoy my involvement with Shaftesbury Abbey, leading walks and talks focusing on medieval plant healing. Interwoven with all this I practice native British Shamanism.


For more about Julie and her work:

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