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Breathe in the Air
weekend workshop​
Dates to be confirmed

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This weekend is an opportunity to do some deep diving into your own nature powered by the healing power of deep conscious connected breathing.

Without breath there is no life, we breathe in what the plants breathe out as they breathe in what we exhale. There is a constant circle that profoundly connects us to the whole of life. This weekend is a place to find who and what you truly are and explore what lies beyond the limits of conditioned thought in the actual life that is yours to explore and be fulfilled in.

This is a way to be part of nature and also find your way to be fulfilled in the strange jumble-jungle of modern society. By fully oxygenating your body, breathing can truly open up your perception and help you live in tune with your essential nature.

Conscious breathwork has roots in ancient Taoist and Yogic breathing techniques and brings about deep clearing, release and healing. It was brought to the West in the 70’s under the name of Rebirthing. This breathwork acts in a direct, simple and safe way to free and release whatever prevents free flow of energy and full presence on all levels of being - emotionally, energetically, physically, mentally and spiritually. Through it you can enter into a profoundly aware state of being - a heightened and grounded awareness of your body, emotions and mind.

On this weekend we will also be exploring other simple breathwork techniques that help deepen awareness and develop clear focus.


This weekend workshop offers a safe space to experience conscious, connected breathing as a newcomer to it or as someone who has practised for some time.

Given the vastness of the subject matter, this weekend course serves as a useful and practical introduction to the material. All of the issues addressed on this course will be covered in more depth on the Barefoot Practitioner Training and can be followed up in sessions

Dates: 2024 Dates TBC
Times: Friday 7.30pm-10pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-4.30pm

Cost: sliding scale £225 - Deposit: £70

Food: we provide simple organic vegetarian lunches
For supper on Saturday you can bring ingredients for a communally created meal.

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