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*New Workshop with Andy & Helen*
Love and Presence in Relationships
Understanding each other with the Enneagram
12th -14th July 2024

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The Enneagram
in Love & Relationships

Love and relationship can lift our hearts - we long for good connection!
But it can be elusive. How can we start to live and relate in new ways?
What helps us open to love and healing in relationship?
How can we navigate our patterns and be free to relate in loving presence? Join Andy Portman and partner Helen English  to explore these perennial questions, so vital to our well-being.

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About Helen English

MA (Cantab), MSc, Chartered MCIPD. Certified Enneagram Professional in the Narrative Tradition. Certified Integral Development Coach (New Ventures West)

Helen is a coach, healer, group facilitator and organisation consultant with a long career in people development and change alongside more personal spiritual growth-work.

Helen brings a Taoist shamanic wisdom tradition, Many years of Tai Chi practice and a strong grounding in systemic constellations. These have a profound influence on her approach to working with groups and individuals.

Since 2001 the Enneagram has played a key part. Helen certified in the US with Helen Palmer and David Daniels and with British mentor Karen Webb before co-founding community-based Enneagram Alive in the UK. She is a faculty member with Enneagram Training, providing licensed, professional Enneagram qualifications in the UK. Helen is an active professional member and presenter with the International Enneagram Association, most recently at the Egypt IEA Conference.

Helen works regularly with organisations, leadership teams and individuals, bringing Enneagram-inspired coaching and consulting to enable transformation. Her work centres on enabling profound change, healing and growth and on improving and deepening relationships; with ourselves, with one another, with nature, with places and with Spirit.

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