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*New Workshop with Andy & Helen*
Love and Presence in Relationships
Understanding each other with the Enneagram
12th -14th July 2024

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A weekend workshop with Andy Portman and Helen English

Love and relationship can lift our hearts! We long for good connection; with intimate partners, family members, friends, colleagues and our social network. Yet nowhere do our patterns show up so clearly as they do here and often with painful consequences. How can we meet these patterns and be free to relate in loving presence? How might we start to live and relate in new ways? What helps us open to love and healing in relationship? How can we begin to have more conscious and life-affirming friendships? 

This weekend workshop is designed to free space within you and around you for more love, compassion and better connection. You may be currently in a relationship or now single. Are you keen to understand how you've built relationships throughout your life and how this can become a more positive and life-enhancing experience?  This weekend is an exploration of what it means to live together in loving presence.  Ultimately, it's about the freedom and healing that can take place when partnership becomes a safe place where we're ever more able to relate from our core presence.

With a Taoist outlook and The Enneagram as an energetic guide, we will explore how to meet each other in true essence and form, beyond our own and each others' projections and patterns.  Learn how to open the space to truly love and appreciate each others' uniqueness.


The Enneagram is a uniquely helpful resource for helping us navigate and understand our own and each others' natures in loving relationships.

Andy and Helen met in early 2020, both widowed and single after long-term relationships. This February marked their 4th anniversary. In this time they shared the pandemic roller-coaster, cliff-path walks, kayaking and music, alongside so many rich conversations; often, a creative fusion of Andy’s deep understanding of relationship patterns lit up by Helen's Enneagram-borne insights. This workshop comes as a natural progression, the fruit of creative relationship, inquiry and conversation. To find out more about Helen's work visit her website:

To find out more about the Enneagram:


Friday 7.00pm for 7.30pm start - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 6.30pm
Sunday 10am - 4.30pm

Cost: £255
Deposit: £80

Food: We provide simple, organic vegetarian lunches.
If you are staying on site we provide a simple, self-serve breakfast and for supper on Saturday you can bring ingredients for a communally created meal.

Accommodation: Available on site click below for all options.

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