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1st Module: 20th -22nd September 24

Self Healing in Presence and the Tao:

The art of holding space for yourself and for others

The inner dynamics of self healing and growth • Collusion, co-dependence and the nature of true support • Self responsibility, self care and developing the will to heal 
• More on in-depth emotional healing, safe release and holding • More on integrating patterns, core beliefs and survival strategies • More on projection and transference 
• The art of questionning, processing, reflecting and challenging • Learning to trust yourself and your essential presence - the nature of clear intuition • Shifting identity from the ego to core presence • Opening to universal presence and the Tao - love, acceptance and compassion • Holding healthy boundaries • Empathy and protection 
• Creating safe space for healing • Holding sessions: focusing on preparation, getting to know personal histories, choosing what to do, how to complete sessions, issues of managing time, money and energy exchange.

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