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Living Tao Sessions
for individuals and couples

In-depth personal growth work
In-depth personal growth work 

• Which includes inner focus, body awareness, emotional healing, self holding.

• Recognising and releasing limiting patterns, imprints and survival strategies.

• Healing of fear, anger, hurt, grief, broken trust or trauma from any stage of your life.

• Healing and integrating the inner child, animal and other fragmented aspects of being.

• Letting go of limiting addictions - all that prevents you being empowered and fulfilled.

Conscious breathwork
Conscious breathwork 

• Which has roots in ancient Taoist and Yogic breathing techniques and brings about deep clearing, healing and integration.

• This breath work is effective on all levels of being - emotionally, energetically, physically, mentally and spiritually to heal and release whatever prevents free flow of energy and full presence.

• Through it you can enter a profoundly aware state of being and greatly support the process of inner integration. (This was known as rebirthing when it was introduced in the west in the 1970’s.)

Taoist Meditations 
Taoist meditations

• Simple yet profound meditations that enable full presence and centredness in the source of your being.

• They will help you know who and what you really are which shifts the focus of identity from fear bound patterns to the essence of your being bringing inner peace, integration and heightened and grounded consciousness.

Personalised meditation recordings can be made during the sessions with Andy.

Relationship healing and growth 
Relationship healing and growth

• Support for working through difficulties and conflicts.

• Unravelling co -dependence and working constructively with hurt, fear, anger, blame and


• Freeing blocks to love and intimacy.

• Opening to love and understanding the healing cycles that love creates.

• Creating and maintaining healthy, conscious, deeply loving relationships that support mutual

   healing and growth.

Sexual healing and Taoist sexual energy cultivation practices 
sexual healing - Taoist cultivation

• Taoist sexual energy cultivation practices for healing, clearing and unification within the body.

• Freeing the flow of energy and life force, becoming whole, empowered and fully present in

   your body.

• Healing sexual fragmentation and the effects of conditioning, trauma and abuse.

• Conscious lovemaking as spiritual practice that is healing, playful and ecstatic - enabling a deep 

   state of union and oneness with source.

Soul Healing
Soul healing

• The journey to full spiritual and physical embodiment.

• Freeing the soul from emotional and energetic patterns from the past.

• Clearing imprints from past lives.
• Re-integrating soul fragments.

Individual sessions: £55 - £40 per hour (according to your ability to pay).

Session lengths vary between 1.5 and 2 hours

Couple sessions: £60 - 45 per hour (according to your ability to pay) (usually 2 hrs)

Telephone and Skype sessions can be arranged as follow up for those at a distance

“There is something obscure which is complete before Heaven and Earth arose. Tranquil, quiet, standing alone, unchanging, infinite, eternally present. It is the mother of everything. I don’t know its name and call it Tao.”


Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching c.500 BC

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